Schermafbeelding 2013-04-09 om 13.08.35


“Alles verandert, niets blijft.”
“Alles hangt met alles samen.”
“Wat je durft te dromen ligt binnen je bereik”
“Alles is energie.”
“Je gedachten bepalen je kansen en je succes.”
“Your biggest hidden strength is your dominant visible impediment”
“Everything depends on you and nothing but you”
 “Perception leads to Experience leads to Knowledge. Experience without knowledge is meaningless. So is knowledge without experience”
“Knowledge is the conciousness, Perception is the unconsiousness and Experience is the emotional body. Without each other they are useless.”
 “Self-knowledge is the shortest way to wisdom”
“Growth means Transforming Energy to me.  It is the result of light, water, warmth, food and some space for every living creature”
“People moving away from the pain live by the past. People moving towards the pleasure live by the future. Only the enlightened ones live just now.”
“The best thing that can happen to you is often the worst thing happening to you.”